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On any given day you might walk into Tiki Girl and find a photoshoot going on. FYI - Yes, it's totally okay to walk in and shop and yes, it's okay to to gawk at our model, Chelse's ridic bod. Here are a few pics from our last couple photoshoots!

I'm no professional photog, but I shoot all of the "lookbook" pics because I am a total control freak and think I can do everything myself.

These photos were taken in the El Jardin Courtyard, one of the very first outdoor shopping "malls" in California and home to Tiki Girl, Matiz Salon, Sunflowers on the Square, Kama Sutra Closet, Ormachea Jewelry and Boys and Arrows Swimwear Headquarters.


xo Briana


My friend, Meagan, the brain behind  Boys and Arrows thought it was a great idea to take a picture of me looking like a gremlin standing next to Chelse.

Here are some photos that didn't make the front page of the site: All suits available for purchase here: Shop Swim

Our very first product shoot for!

So, we didn't have a top to match these cute Lolli Swim bow bottoms, therefore we tried a couple different things...First, the lei and then the pineapple!

Chelse and the pineapple.

And here is Lucas, assistant product shot photographer, contemplating the pineapple.



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