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KTLA Morning News with Shop Tiki Girl representing Boys + Arrows

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So this whole thing started when two days ago I woke up to a dozen text messages from my friend and designer of Boys and Arrows swimwear, Meagan Scott, asking me if I would do the KTLA thing for her. Not knowing what in the world was happening (as I seldom do for the first hour of being awake) I looked at my emails and saw that KTLA wanted to do a swimwear segment featuring fringe as a trend for the season. They needed a spokesperson, four models and lots of B+A fringe!

I immediately said yes, I would gladly be the B+A spokesperson to support Meg plus I'd be able to plug, plus plus I love being in front of the camera! 

Within three hours we had four models from, hair + make-up by Shannon-Ashlea Romero and jewelry by GageHuntely lined up! 

Between spiked coffee, my boyfriend being our gopher/my driver, and our awesome team we got through it, and it was super fun!

Thanks for all of your support and comments! 

All looks can be found here: SHOP BOYS AND ARROWS!

Here is the link to the video: KTLA Morning News with Boys + Arrows and

xo Briana

Shannon-Ashlea getting Olivia ready for the first "teaser."

The girls doing a "teaser" with KTLA anchor, Sam Rubin! Our girls are in Boys and Arrows fringe tops as the show wanted to feature fringe as a hot trend of the season...

 Natalie and Chelse with anchor, Sam Rubin.

So, I had to use the ladies room and on the way there, I ran into Craig Robinson who plays Daryll Philbin on THE OFFICE - my favorite show!!!

My bathroom break got even more exciting (yes, this was the most thrilling bathroom break of my life) when I ran into Jessica Holmes, the news anchor who hosted the swimwear segment! My friend's husband has a gigantic crush on Jessica and begged me to get her autograph, so I awkwardly asked her if we could take a "selfie" as we washed our hands in the bathroom... I know it's weird, but I DIDN'T KNOW IF I WOULD GET ANOTHER CHANCE!!!




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