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Cheers To Ten Years!

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We’re Turning Ten!  

We can hardly believe a decade has flown by since Tiki Girl herself, Briana Critelli, took ownership of our thriving small business. Over the years, Tiki Girl has grown to boast retail and warehouse locations, over ten employees, a substantial social media presence, and even it’s own private label. We didn’t flourish overnight though, and Tiki Girl’s success can only be attributed to the hard work and dedication of one inspirational boss lady and a team of talented individuals dedicated to developing the business and themselves. Above all though, we owe our success too you- our customers, our friends, our family. We are so thankful for the support we have received from the community throughout the years and we love that you love Tiki Girl! It’s one of our biggest joys to help people feel beautiful and it has been our pleasure and honor to dress you over the years. 

Keep following along to read a brief interview with Briana about how she had the courage to take over Tiki Girl, her business advice, and what she’s wearing this fall! We’re also going to share some pics of our 10 year anniversary celebration with Santa Barbara Sailing on a privately chartered Double Dolphin cruise. We may work hard, but we play hard too!

Tiki Talk With Briana

As Tiki Girl turns ten we had to look to the lady boss behind it all. We sat down with Briana and asked her some questions about how she did it! 
Tiki Girls: What inspired you and gave you the confidence to purchase Tiki Girl and become a small business owner?
Briana: Well, when I bought Tiki Girl ten years  ago, times were definitely different. There was zero inkling of any sort of “boss babe” community and Instagram was brand new. I had been working on a YouTube channel highlighting local businesses and that’s how I found out about Tiki Girl. When the owner mentioned to me she wanted to sell her little shop, I thought, hmmm, maybe that’s something I could do. I told a few people and really the only people who didn’t think it was a totally crazy idea (especially because it was the end of the recession) were my dad and my stepdad. The more I thought about it, the more I knew I could do it! I could bring in new styles, freshen up the vibe, utilize social media and dedicate myself to the shop every day of the week.
Tiki Girls: What are the easiest and hardest parts of owning Tiki Girl?
Briana: The easiest part of my job is buying for the store. I’ve always had a natural ability to pick out “cute” and quality things for lots of different styles. I also think this is my biggest strength - keeping things fresh and on trend for our customers! 
The hardest part of my job has been learning how to be a good manager. For a few years I had such a great lil’ team and didn’t need to really even have procedures or “rules,” but when that great team moved on, I realized how lucky I was to have them. My business and mental health really suffered when I made some bad hires and didn’t have any rules (like no cell phones on the sales floor etc.) and strong procedures to implement. I was a total pushover too. A mess. Since then, I’ve learned that you have to make things clear for people in order for them and the business to thrive.
Tiki Girls: What is the best piece of business or career oriented advice you could give someone?
Briana: I have lots of advice, some of it might sound cliche but it’s all so very true!

For customers:
-Sizes don’t matter. Truly. They are a made up thing and based on a body that isn’t yours. Wear whatever you feel best in! 
For business:

 - Listen to your gut. 

- Know you are going to work harder than you ever have before as long as you’re in business.

- Don’t compare your success to others.

- Stay focused and nurture your business, try not to start another side hustle until your main focus is thriving or if it’s complimentary to what you’re already doing. 

- Move past mistakes quickly. 

- You’ll only grow if you have a good team, so invest in their development and be a nice person to them.

- Implement clear rules and procedures.

- Run business ideas past a mentor.

- It’s okay to take a night to “sleep on it” for big decisions. 

Tiki Girls: What are some of your goals for the next ten years?


 ⁃ Continue designing and expanding our in-   house brand, Tiki Girl the label!

 ⁃ Scale

 - MAYBE open a few other stores

 Tiki Girls: What are your top three fashion must haves for fall this year?

 Briana: Contrary to popular belief, I don’t have that many clothes and pretty much wear the same things over and over. But the things I do wear, I LOVE.

 This fall I’ll be wearing: 

  1. A quilted jacket or flannel shacket 
  2. A chunky heel pair of everyday black boots 
  3. A great fitting pair of jeans

See inspiration and shop our similar styles for Briana’s picks below!


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Setting Sail In Style

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary we booked a private cruise with Santa Barbara Sailing on their beautiful catamaran, the Double Dolphin! We closed the store for the day and set sail for a late afternoon cruise around the Santa Barbara coastline. The 1400 square foot boat perfectly accommodated our store and warehouse staff and their loved ones and we enjoyed a beautiful evening of music, food, and drink! As a thank you, Briana gifted the entire staff with gift cards and we were able to purchase new looks for our night on the water. A great time was had by all and we highly recommend Santa Barbara Sailing for your next group event! Check out our photos below to see what looks the Tiki Girls styled for themselves and to catch a glimpse of the Double Dolphin!


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