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Tiki Girl How to Distress T-Shirts & Denim

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 Tiki Girl How to Distress T-Shirts & Denim

Want that vintage look without having to find the perfect fitting vintage piece? We will give you all the tips and tricks on how to distress your t-shirts and denim to get the vintage look with what is in your closet already!

First things first, what is the distressed look? For t-shirts you want some fraying at the collar edges or holes around the neck and base of the tee. The trending look right now for distressed denim is a fraying at the bottom and we'll show you how to do it to it!

In the video below Candace, our e-commerce manager, with a vintage shop of her own will show you exactly how to get that perfect distressed look!

Happy Distressing!


Xo, Tiki Girl  

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